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How improve the quality of your laser etching


Laser engraving can cause ‘smoke’ which can stain the edges of the engraved surface. To avoid that cover the surface with masking tape which will protect it. You may have to increase the power of the laser slightly, a test run before final production is recommended . When complete just peel off the tape, this works well on plastics and leathers.

How improve the quality of your laser etching

Use a Moist Paper Towel

Using a moist paper towel helps prevent the engraving area from becoming rough, and leads to a clear, white engraving result. Before you start engraving, apply a moist single-layer paper towel to the glass. Make sure there are no air bubbles or overlaps as this will affect the engraved image. After engraving, the residue easily wipes off.

Cermark Spray for engraving glass and metal


Cermark spray is for marking glass, metal, ceramics, brick, slate and more. Extremely easy to use. Spray it on, laser mark and wash it off. No laser user should be without this product.